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Are you a registered Republican? Are you looking for ways to make a difference in your community and for your country? Are you committed to preserving the conservative values upon which this country was founded?

Whittier Republican Women Federated is looking for people like you who want to be informed, educated and involved in supporting the values and political processes that make this nation the best in the world.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 AT 12:30 PM

Susan Tully
Law Enforcement Relations Manager

Susan joined the FAIR staff in 2002. She is a former business owner, manager for municipal code enforcement, immigration coordinator for the Coalition of Government Officials (southern California), and president of Citizens Committee for Immigration Policy. Susan manages FAIR's extensive and national Field Program. She develops members and activist support and educates the media and public on immigration issues. Susan works with Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Officials around the country to form a coalition to fight to secure our nation’s borders and uphold the rule of law.

Susan is a graduate of Viterbo University, wife of a Catholic Deacon, DonTully, mother of 6 grown children and the grandmother of 16.

Zoom Invitation: Virginia (Ginny) Ball is inviting you to attend a scheduled Zoom meeting on Sept 3, 2921 at 12:30 PM Pacific Time. Join the meeting at 12:15 PM to chat with our members!

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October 2021 – Calendar Daily Prize Fundraising Month! Last November was very successful. A name will be drawn daily throughout the month for the prize listed on the calendar. Tickets will be $20 each. You can either mail a check or purchase your tickets online.

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Whittier Republican Women Federated is a political organization. We provide opportunities for involvement with like-minded people who share the Republican philosophy. Founded in 1955, we are an affiliate of the National Federation of Republican Women. The Federation is a grassroots political group and is one of the largest and most influential women’s political organizations in the country.

We help elect Republican candidates and take an active role on issues and legislation. We educate and inform our members and our communities. We empower our women members, associate members which includes all people and our youth, of all ethnicities and backgrounds in the political process.

Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings. We are a friendly and hospitable organization. Please join us to learn more about our activities and how, together, we can make a difference.


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